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Welcome to the Naruto Chronicles Wiki! Naruto Chronicles is a fanfiction/spinoff crossover series of the Naruto manga and anime conceived by Masashi Kishimoto, as well as the Transformers franchise. The series is written by Noroadsleft and incorporates multiple elements from the original series. Any content that is not original work of the author has been noted, and links have been posted to the original Naruto wiki. However, for content originally appearing in the Transformers franchise there are no links in the articles themselves. Let it be known that nothing that appears here from the Transformers franchise (save for a few characters) are original to Naruto Chronicles. For the most part, information on the wiki will be added as it is given in the spinoff series. Therefore, even if a piece of information has been given in the original series, it will not be added to this wiki until it is expanded upon in Naruto Chronicles. However, there will be some instances where the adding of information from the original series that hasn't been given in the spinoff has been deemed necessary by the author for the sake of preventing confusion. Credit for images used go to their respective parties; none of the images that appear on this sight are owned by anyone affiliated with it.

The StoryEdit

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Naruto Chronicles takes place at the same time as the original series, alongside the events that take place during Naruto. The series starts off with main protagonist Matt Withau, who is living in the United States. Matt lives a normal life until one of his teachers attempts to kill him. He is saved by Kakashi Hatake, who has planted himself undercover in Matt's school. Kakashi thwarts the assassination attempt, and Matt and Kakashi flee Matt's school. Kakashi takes him to the Village Hidden in the Leaves, where he is introduced to his new home and his new life as a shinobi. Matt begins training to increase his abilities, and eventually joins Team Kakashi in taking on various missions as a genin. Matt eventually participates in the 2007 Mid-Year Chunin Selection Exams, where he has to overcome his reservations of being a shinobi, fighting his way to the top to prove his strength.

The SeriesEdit

The Naruto Chronicles series can be read on under the username Noroadsleft; Naruto Chronicles

Mathew Withau Gaara Sasuke Uchiha
Nichi Schroeder Katherine McKinley Orochimaru
Taylor Edwards Hinata Hyuga Kabuto Yakushi
Erin Bell Kiba Inuzuka Katsuna Huromishe
Naruto Uzumaki Shino Aburame Tsuchigo Narami
Kakashi Hatake Shikamaru Nara Hatsuji Korero
Sakura Haruno Rock Lee Seiko Ren
Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu Shukaku Sand Jutsu Chidori
Wind Style: Air Shield Gentle Fist Art: Eight Trigrams: Sixty-Four Palms Skin Shedding Jutsu
Shadow Clone Jutsu Ninja Art of Beast Mimicry: Fang Over Fang Dead Soul Jutsu
Rasengan Parasitic Insects Jutsu Ninja Art: Blade Limbs Jutsu
Lightning Blade Shadow Possession Jutsu Earth Style: Buster Field
Chakra Amplification Jutsu Primary Lotus Water Style Puppet Jutsu: Five Great Floods
Light Unit Medium Unit Heavy Unit
Serge Sentry Drone Drop Ship
Shockmace Guerilla Spider Tank
Flashbang Safeguard Lock-On
Highgear Discord Knockdown
Daniel Heinrich Sebastian Hereth Johann Ferguson
Helene Diethelm Wilhelm Grimm Henrik Ferdinand
Gabriella Clemens Jacob Grimm Kurt Leberecht
Benjamin Karsten Lisa Vorbeck Anna Dietrich
Verbessern Lichtpheil Schwerkraft
Tollen Körperteile Nordenkalt Lichtöten
Langarm Südenheiß Eisschießen
Wasserwaschen Sonnescheinen Lilaschwert

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